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WiFi CO2 monitor
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Wireless Temperature Sensors for Medical Applications

WiFi CO2 monitor

Point Six™ Wireless is one of the world's largest manufacturers of wireless temperature sensors. You've probably not heard of us because our sensors are sold under other brand names such as Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Automated Logic, Vaisala and AmegaView™* to name just a few. Ensure the safety and integrity of your critical assets with the complete Point Six Wireless hardware, software and support program.

Point Six Wireless sensors are compatible with existing AmegaView™* hardware and software.


AmegaView temperature sensors from Point Six WirelessCostly and Disruptive.
The EOL timeline for the AmegaView™* System was extended for AmegaView™* users. We understand how converting to new hardware and software can be costly and disruptive - no matter when the date. Point Six™ Wireless and SafePoint Scientific have developed a turnkey solution to eliminate any potential risk with your monitoring systems now and for the future.

Best In Class.
Rest assured, your Point Six™ Wireless hardware continues to be Best in Class. Our reliability, accuracy and support for existing temperature sensors in hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories worldwide will continue for years to come with no EOL deadlines.

The Point Six™ AmegaView™* Support Program provides complete hardware, software, and service ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Sensor Exchange Program - SensEnomics™
· SensEnomics™ is an innovative plan by Point Six™ Wireless that enables hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories to take advantage of the latest in wireless sensor technology with no upfront hardware or software capital expenditure.
· Unlike anything on the market, you receive all new sensors and software while stretching payments out over three years
· Pay less over three years than with upfront purchase
· Own the temperature sensors with a full manufacturer's warranty

Automatically receive text messages and email alerts when thresholds are exceeded so action can be taken to protect your critical assets.
· No End of Life Deadlines
· Receive First-Class Service – 24 x 7 Live Support 365 days/
· 21 CFR compliant
· Fully validated with IQOQ, PM, Calibrations, and OVIC
· NIST Traceable Temperature Probes
· In-field Calibration
· IQ/OQ, OVIC and 24 x 7 Technical Support are provided at competitive and prevailing rates

Here's the benefits of upgrading to PointView® software:
· Keep Existing Wireless Hardware
· Eliminate Gateways to reduce maintenance costs
· Relocate sensors throughout your facility when needed without programming
· Own your data
· Browser based software
· Run on your Local Server or on the Point Six™ Cloud

Contact Dan Piroli for more details at dan@pointsix.com.
















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