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WiFi CO2 monitor
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AmegaView Sensors
WiFi CO2 monitor

Point Six™ Wireless Is The Manufacturer of AmegaView Sensors.

Point Six™ Wireless is one of the world's largest manufacturers of wireless temperature sensors. You've probably not heard of us because our sensors are sold under other brand names such as Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Automated Logic, Vaisala and AmegaView to name just a few.

Point Six Wireless sensors are compatible with existing AmegaView hardware and software.


Save Money. Protect Your Investment.

  • Mitigate announced AmegaView EOL impact. You are not forced into new purchases until you are ready
  • Purchase direct from the manufacturer of AmegaView sensors
  • Most sensors are priced under $275.00 each
  • Reduce your maintenance costs with the elimination of AmegaView Gateways
  • Relocate sensors throughout your facility without the need to reregister them on Gateways

Point Six™ Wireless has supported all products throughout our 21-year history. There are no plans to discontinue AmegaView compatible products.

Expand or modify your AmegaView system when it's right for your operation. We can provide new hardware and software on your time frame.

New product options are available that are completely compatible with your current AmegaView system. Take advantage of our wide range of 900 MHz and WiFi products featuring built in data loggers and over the air configuration with external powered options.

Point Six™ Wireless state of the art monitoring and reporting package is browser based, doesn't require you to install software on your PC and accessible from any smartphone, tablet or PC. You can run it as a cloud hosted by us or install it on your server.

Contact Dan Piroli for more details at dan@pointsix.com.  



AmegaView Sensors
AmegaView Sensor Product Guide
Lo-resolution PDF [258kb]

AmegaView WiFi Sensor Product Guide
Lo-resolution PDF [278kb]


To order please email: dan@PointSix.com





Point Six™ Wireless

is the manufacturer

of AmegaView sensors.

Complete hardware,

software and service

support ensures

compliance with

regulatory standards.





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