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Are Your Critical Temperature Sensors Accurate and Calibrated?

By Kim Piroli

Dust, illness humidity, lint and other environmental factors can over time affect the accuracy of even the most precise temperature sensor.  Even a couple of degrees in some applications can have dire consequences. Take vaccine storage as just one example. Improperly stored vaccines lose their potency and become ineffective. Patients are not protected from disease and providers incur significant financial loss. Continuous temperature monitoring is not only essential, but required by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). But that is just the beginning.

How do you know the temperature sensors are accurate?

Calibration is Costly. 

Calibration is essential for all temperature sensing devices and at minimum should be performed annually – the more frequently the better. This comes at a significant cost in time, labor and money. But it’s essential for ensuring regulatory compliance and the accuracy of temperature compliance reports.

Introducing Patented Auto-Calibration

The patented Versatrak™ ANC Validator™ verifies temperature accuracy weekly, monthly, or on demand with automatic calibration. Auto-calibration insures temperature compliance reports are accurate and up to date, ensuring regulatory compliance and patient safety. Financial loss due to improper temperature storage of tissues, medications and vaccines is essentially eliminated.

So, when you auditor asks…”How do you know your temperature sensors are accurate”? Calibration reports are available on demand. NIST certification reports and certificates are available on demand. The ANC Validator™ is NIST certified for 10 years before re-certification is required. Learn more about Mesa Labs Point Six™ Wireless sensors at www.PointSix.com or call Mark Fauber at 404.834.8294.



SensEnomics™ is an innovative "Sensors by Subscription" plan that enables you to take advantage of the latest wireless sensor technology with no upfront capital expenditure. For a nominal monthly fee, automatically receive reports and automated messages for proactive, efficient asset management. For information, contact Dan Piroli at dan@pointsix.com

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