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Point Six Wireless Joins MesaLabs

By Point Six

Point Six Wireless, LLC (Point Six) is proud to announce the acquisition of its continuous monitoring business by Mesa Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ:MLAB) (Mesa). Read the full press release or our transition FAQs.

“Working with a larger organization is an exciting opportunity for Point Six, and we’re committed to maintaining our customer relationships and providing uninterrupted hardware, software and support services. In other words, Point Six customers are in control of their experience. If you’re interested in learning about the extensive knowledge and services provided by Mesa, then let’s talk about it,” said Dan Piroli, Senior Vice President.

Your technical support will still be conducted by Point Six. And, if your service contract is with a third party, it will remain there. Moving forward, new contracts will be purchased directly from Mesa.

Get to Know Mesa
Mesa is a U.S. based public company headquartered in Colorado with additional domestic and international locations. With over 350 employees, Mesa has a global footprint to serve a broad set of industries that require dependable quality control and calibration solutions.

The Continuous Monitoring division designs, develops and markets environmental monitoring systems. Parameters include temperature, humidity and differential pressure to maintain critical environments in hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, blood banks, laboratories, pharmacies and industrial facilities.

For the past 36 years, Mesa has helped companies protect vulnerable environments and ensure the safety and efficacy of the products we use every day.

Point Six Is Steeped in Rich History
For over 22 years, Point Six has been known for its incomparable offering of proprietary and standard wireless sensors featuring both RF and IR technology. The ability to customize application-specific solutions has driven Fortune 500 OEMs and organizations across market sectors to partner with Point Six.

Now, as part of Mesa, Point Six temperature and humidity sensors, dataloggers, people-counting and energy-monitoring sensors help organizations monitor energy usage, optimize operations and maintain regulatory compliance. Wireless sensors can be found in healthcare, hospitality, food service, retail, data center and refrigerated transport applications.

Point Six Wireless Launches CDC Compliant Temperature Sensor

By Point Six

Point Six Wireless introduced their latest wireless temperature sensor at HIMSS 2018. A battery powered, WiFi enabled, multichannel temperature sensor with a display was well received at the show. Vizzia Technologies will be the first to deploy the temperature sensors as part of the CDC Vaccine for Children guidelines.

The Point Six Wireless temperature sensor meets and exceeds the newest recommendations set forth by the CDC for the Vaccine for Children program. Under the new requirements, all providers must use continuous temperature monitoring devices to monitor vaccines. This applies to routine onsite storage, transport of vaccine, and mass vaccination clinics.

Additional CDC requirements include the use of primary and back-up temperature sensors with a temperature probe, an active display that can be easily read from outside of the storage unit, and continuous temperature monitoring and recording with routine data download. The Point Six Wireless temperature sensor with display meets and exceeds CDC requirements. In addition to local visual and audible alarms, it supports -40°C, -80°C and -200°C temperature sensors.

To learn more about Point Six Wireless temperature sensors contact Dan Piroli at dan@pointsix.com or call 404-834-8294.

Are Your Critical Temperature Sensors Accurate and Calibrated?

By Point Six

\n\nDust, illness humidity, lint and other environmental factors can over time affect the accuracy of even the most precise temperature sensor.  Even a couple of degrees in some applications can have dire consequences.\n\nTake vaccine storage as just one example. Improperly stored vaccines lose their potency and become ineffective. Patients are not protected from disease and providers incur significant financial loss. Continuous temperature monitoring is not only essential, but required by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). But that is just the beginning. How do you know the temperature sensors are accurate?\n\nCalibration is Costly.\n\nCalibration is essential for all temperature sensing devices and at minimum should be performed annually – the more frequently the better. This comes at a significant cost in time, labor and money. But it’s essential for ensuring regulatory compliance and the accuracy of temperature compliance reports.\n\nIntroducing Patented Auto-Calibration\n\nThe patented Versatrak™ ANC Validator™ verifies temperature accuracy weekly, monthly, or on demand with automatic calibration. Auto-calibration insures temperature compliance reports are accurate and up to date, ensuring regulatory compliance and patient safety. Financial loss due to improper temperature storage of tissues, medications and vaccines is essentially eliminated. So, when you auditor asks… \”How do you know your temperature sensors are accurate\”? Calibration reports are available on demand.\n\nNIST Certification\n\nFull NIST certification reports and certificates are available on demand. The ANC Validator™ is NIST certified for 10 years before re-certification is required.\n\nLearn more about Point Six™ Wireless sensors at www.PointSix.com or call Dan Piroli at 404.834.8294. Point Six™ is a member of the L-com Global family of brands.

Our Addiction to Data Requires Enormous Energy. Point Six™ Wireless Sensors Offer A Solution.

By Point Six

Think about this; each time you do a google search, pharm send an email, tweet, save a photo, or download music, you use data. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes per day – and growing.\n\nThis rampant dependence on data is fueling an explosion in the growth of data centers. According to Redcentric, about 5.75 Million new servers are installed each year to handle an estimated 204,000,000 email messages every minute. And that’s just the emails.\n\nData centers use energy and water. Lots of it. Over 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and around 200 million gallons of water a year. Google’s data centers alone could consistently power 200,000 homes.\n\nThe industry is taking heed and aggressively pursuing energy management practices to conserve resources and save money. Point Six™ Wireless temperature and humidity sensors are playing a dominant role in worldwide data center energy management, significantly reducing operating costs.\n\nPoint Six™ Wireless temperature and humidity sensors are being deployed in state-of-the-art data centers worldwide.   Wireless temperature sensors communicate with Building Automation Systems, providing real-time actionable data for more efficient energy management. WiFi temperature sensors can be placed anywhere temperature measurement is desired, with no retrofit costs.\n\nLearn more about Point Six™ wireless sensors at www.pointsix.com or call Dan Piroli at 404.834.8294. Point Six™ is a member of the L-com Global family of brands. www.L-com.com\n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n 

Breaking News – DOE Invests $19M to Improve Efficiency of Nation’s Buildings

By Point Six

Temperature sensors and controls play a leading role in the government’s newest efforts to improve building efficiency.  $19M will fund 18 projects across multiple technology areas in an effort to reduce energy usage of buildings 30% by 2030.\n\nBuildings are the largest energy consumer in the nation—accounting for more than 40 percent of the nation’s total energy demand and greenhouse emissions, viagra and resulting in an annual energy bill totaling $430 billion. On average, nearly a third of this energy is wasted. It’s estimated that if the U.S. reduced energy use in buildings by 20 percent, the nation could save nearly $80 billion annually on energy bills.\n\nPoint Six™ Wireless sensors deliver real-time actionable data directly to Building Automation Systems (BAS) enabling them to respond to constantly changing environmental conditions.\n\nPoint Six™ Wireless CO2 sensors monitor occupancy levels by measuring the amount of CO2 in the air.  The data from the sensors is wirelessly transmitted to the BAS allowing for adjustments in demand control ventilation (DCV) levels. Controlling fresh air levels results in both energy savings and improved indoor air quality –  providing property owners and facilities managers with the tool to meet LEED standards for indoor air quality.\n\nWireless Pulse Sensors report real-time energy usage for electric, gas and water meters. Deployed by Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the United States, these intelligent wireless sensors provide instant notification of power outages, allowing for immediate and proactive response to customer needs.\n\nWireless Differential Pressure Sensors alert facilities management personnel to HVAC malfunctions and optimum filter replacement schedules, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing cost.\n\nPoint Six™ Wireless smart building sensors are easily configured OTA and eliminate the cost of retrofit installations by tapping into existing WiFi networks.\n\nLearn more about Point Six™ wireless sensors at www.pointsix.com or call Dan Piroli at 404.834.8294. Point Six™ is a member of the L-com Global family of brands. www.L-com.com\n\n 

Wireless Sensors. An Organization’s Portal to the IoT World.

By Point Six

The IoT is propelling the business world into a new era. An era of intelligent data that drives efficiencies, best cialis improves profitability and enhances decision making abilities. Energy savings, cheap improved productivity, and risk mitigation all come together to create a more sustainable and flexible operation. The Schneider Electric  2020 IoT report concisely outlines the reception of IoT by business.\n\nBut how do organizations get there?  Changing an existing wired infrastructure to one that can collect intelligence from all aspects of the operation that communicates with key decision makers via the cloud can be a costly and daunting task.\n\nUntil now.\n\nWireless sensors provide organizations with the vehicle to the IoT and all it has to offer. No wired infrastructure is required. Wireless sensors mount easily to a wall, inside a freezer or refrigerator, or anywhere monitoring and measuring environmental variances are of value.\n\nBuilding Automation Systems can communicate with wireless temperature /  humidity sensors and CO2 sensors to optimize energy management.\n\nHealthcare settings utilize temperature sensors to monitor medications, blood and tissues to improve patient care. Operating rooms benefit from differential pressure sensors that prevent the spread of airborne diseases.\n\nRestaurants clearly need to insure the safe storage and delivery of food to their customers. Temperature sensors are becoming widely used to assist in HAACP compliance and prevention of foodborne disease.\n\nData centers are huge energy consumers, requiring enormous amounts of energy to cool their servers. Wireless temperature and humidity sensors are a key component to the energy management strategies used by this industry.\n\nThe applications for wireless sensors are endless. And the doorway to the world of IoT is opening wider and becoming more cost effective each day. Point Six™ Wireless and L-com Global can lead you through the portal with economical and common sense applications. Learn more at www.pointsix.com, or call Dan Piroli at 404.834.8294.\n\n \n\n 

An Ounce of Prevention With Temperature Sensors

By Point Six

Measles, mind mumps, treat polio, rubella, whooping cough, chickenpox, cholera, diphtheria, meningitis, rotavirus, typhoid.  Alarming diseases, but highly preventable.\n\nThe success of battling these vaccine-preventable diseases relies in large part to proper storage and handling of vaccines. Namely, maintaining proper temperatures in the entire cold chain; from the time of manufacture to administration of  the vaccine.  While this may sound like an onerous task, it’s really quite simple.\n\nUnfortunately, many hospitals and doctor’s offices do not follow CDC guidelines for monitoring and maintaining adequate storage temperatures. A recent incident at APD Memorial Hospital in Lebanon, NH reveals  critical lapses in storage guidelines.  Unsafe temperatures rendered some vaccines ineffective, leaving over 800 children vulnerable to otherwise preventable diseases. Their system relied on a staff member manually noting refrigerator temperatures. CDC guidelines require twice daily refrigerator temperature checks; the hospital had only two entries for a refrigerator in a one month period.\n\nDisturbingly, this happens with even more frequency at physician offices. Studies by the OIG show that 76% of providers stored vaccines at improper temperatures.  Doctor’s offices are closed during weekends – what happens if a refrigerator malfunctions then? Does anyone even know? And more importantly, how do we know the vaccines given to our children are safe and effective?  Are our children adequately protected from these preventable diseases?\n\nPoint Six™ Wireless temperature sensors monitor refrigerator and freezer temperatures and alert staff real time to temperature breaches and equipment malfunctions so that timely action can be taken.  Automated temperature logs are available for regulatory reports at any given time. Vaccines and other temperature sensitive medications are protected against equipment malfunctions, and human error, protecting our most precious asset: our children.\n\nTo learn more about Point Six™ Wireless temperature sensors for safe vaccine and medication storage visit www.pointsix.com or contact Dan Piroli at 404.834.8294.

Non-Profit Hugs Cafe Avoids Disaster

By Point Six

A non-profit café had barely opened their doors to serve the community when they narrowly avoided disaster. Twice.\n\nHugs Café, troche medical located in McKinney, prostate and TX, provides foodservice training and employment to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.\n\nJust a few weeks after opening, the café was afflicted by a common occurrence in the foodservice industry – a malfunctioning refrigerator. After losing all the food contained in that unit, the owner contacted SenSource Wireless and installed wireless temperature sensors for all their refrigerators and freezers. The wireless sensors monitor and alert staff when temperatures fall below desired levels, protecting their food and their financial investment.\n\nAs it turns out, the original refrigerator malfunction was merely a gentle nudge to the non-profit; inspiring the installation of wireless temperature sensors to prevent a more devastating loss.  Just four weeks later, the café lost ALL power to the location (also not uncommon).  Had it not been for the wireless sensors, they would have lost their entire inventory of food. Instead, staff was alerted to the power outage and disaster was avoided.\n\nHugs Café is the dream of Founder and President Ruth Thompson. Her vision is to create a non-profit café that will be run and operated primarily by Special Needs Adults. They combine a unique mix of their own recipes with donated recipes of celebrity chefs from across the great state of Texas.\n\nSenSource Wireless is a valued partner of Point Six Wireless, an L-com brand. To learn more about wireless temperature sensors visit www.PointSix.com.\n\n \n\n 

High Five to Five Guys for Food Safety

By Point Six

Food safety is a dominating topic in the news today with recurring incidents of E. coli outbreaks at Chipotle restaurants.  Customers across the country have fallen ill to this potentially deadly bacteria. Unfortunately, viagra sales advice  foodborne illness can be difficult to track. But each year, nurse  about 48 million of us, or one in every six people in the United States will fall ill from eating contaminated food.  Five Guys restaurants deserve no less than applause for taking major strides to protect its customers and lead the industry into the 21st century.\n\nA key element for delivering safe food to customers is the cold chain temperature control process from transportation to storage and temperature controlled preparation of both hot and cold items.  A breach in temperature during any part of this process can result in dire health ramifications. Yet, despite the advancement of wireless temperature monitoring and recording sensors, the foodservice industry has been generally slow to adopt the technology, instead relying on antiquated paper and pencil processes highly prone to human error.\n\nFive Guys, known for its Zagat rating for \”Best Burger\” is an industry leader in food safety and quality. The family owned and operated franchise restaurant group is deploying the state of the art ComplianceMate System in all corporate and franchise stores across North America as a key component of its food safety compliance program.  ComplianceMate combines checklist completion, wireless temperature monitoring, and active responses to problems to meet HACCP guidelines.  Point Six™ wireless temperature sensors are used exclusively by ComplianceMate for delivery of temperature data.  Data is transmitted via the cloud for real-time access by individual stores and  corporate management.  Five Guys customers can relax and enjoy their meal knowing food temperatures have been maintained at levels inhospitable to potentially harmful bacteria.\n\nThank you Five Guys!

School Food Safety – Who’s Watching The Kitchen?

By Point Six

School lunches receive a lot of attention with respect to dietary guidelines and menus not well received by students.  School food safety issues however don’t receive nearly the same exposure yet pose serious health implications for children.\n\nFoodborne disease afflicts at least 48 million people resulting in 128, unhealthy patient 000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths annually according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Of those affected, children are the most vulnerable to these preventable outbreaks. Reported school foodborne outbreaks account for about 3.8% of all outbreaks, and 8.2% of all illnesses reported to the CDC. Salmonella is among several pathogens responsible for food poisoning when temperature is not adequately controlled.\n\nMonitoring the temperature of refrigerators and freezers to prevent foodborne illness is a key component of food safety programs and HACCP guidelines. Many schools still rely on the parochial pencil and paper method of record keeping. But who’s watching the kitchen on weekends, holidays and after school hours? No one knows if a refrigerator or freezer temperature has been breached because a door has been left open or equipment has failed. And it happens frequently.\n\nThe technology for monitoring and recording refrigerator and freezer temperature is readily available and very affordable. Point Six™ refrigerator temperature sensors and freezer temperature sensors provide continuous temperature monitoring and immediate notification of temperature breaches that put our children at risk of foodborne disease.\n\nPoint Six™ Wireless is a leading provider of wireless temperature sensors and is proud to work with partners such as Sentry 9000 placing wireless and WiFi refrigerator temperature sensors in dozens of school districts throughout Texas, New Mexico and California.  The Coweta County School District in Metro Atlanta has also been proactive in deploying Point Six™ refrigerator and freezer temperature sensors to protect student health.\n\nTo learn more about WiFi temperature sensorswireless temperature sensors and other environmental monitoring sensors visit Point Six™ Wireless or call 404.834.8294.



SensEnomics™ is an innovative "Sensors by Subscription" plan that enables you to take advantage of the latest wireless sensor technology with no upfront capital expenditure. For a nominal monthly fee, automatically receive reports and automated messages for proactive, efficient asset management. For information, contact Dan Piroli at dan@pointsix.com

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