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How Can a Wireless CO2 Sensor Help Lower My Facility’s Energy Bill?

By Point Six

For many businesses, troche the energy bill is one of the largest monthly expenses, decease especially with the ever expanding reliance on technology. The Point Six™ wireless CO2 sensor distributed by AirTest, provides property managers and building owners with the technology to regulate energy usage and exponentially reduce energy bills.\n\nThe wireless CO2 sensor optimizes heating, air conditioning and ventilation. The sensor integrates with Energy Management Systems, it can connect directly to existing wired BACnet or Modbus control systems in a building, or it can send data to a cloud based solution. Continue reading

Award Winning KSU Culinary Program Uses WiFi Temperature Monitoring Systems for Food Safety

By Point Six

By Randall Shelton\nExecutive Director of Auxiliary Services and Programs at Kennesaw State University\n\nAt Kennesaw State University, mind we strive to be a leader in all aspects of higher education,  especially in our culinary program. As an award winning program and winner of the National Restaurant Association’s top honor, Operator Innovator of the Year, we feel even more responsible to our students and customers to provide them with the highest quality foodservice program possible. Our commitment to protecting our students and our brand are paramount. We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make our program better and safer.\n\nWhen presented with the SensEnomics temperature monitoring service from Point Six Wireless, it was abundantly clear that we needed to implement this innovative technology on our campus.  Since installing the WiFi temperature sensor service, it has already paid for itself a hundredfold by preventing the loss of thousands of dollars of food and more importantly, protecting our customers.  We had a refrigerator malfunction that required immediate attention to save 250 cases of chicken.  The SensEnomics temperature monitoring system notified the appropriate staff and we were able to react and protect our investment. Due to additional recent losses of food from equipment malfunctions, we are currently in the process of identifying expanded locations to install SensEnomics WiFi temperature sensors.\n\nOverall, I would recommend without reservation to anyone in the industry to take advantage of the SensEnomics wireless temperature monitoring service.  It will save them money, save their brand and reputation, and give individual operators the peace of mind that their operation is fully protected.  Too many times, we look back after the fact and wish we had done something different to protect our investment and our operation.

Wireless Temperature Sensors Vital to Regulatory Compliance

By Point Six

Vigilant refrigerated storage of medications, there viagra blood and nutritional products is critical to meeting quality of care standards and Joint Commission (JCAHO) regulatory standards.\n\nThe common method of manually documenting the temperature of refrigerators and freezers used for these temperature sensitive items leaves hospitals and pharmacies open to Joint Commission deficiencies.\n\nEven medical grade refrigerators and freezers are vulnerable to malfunction, viagra canada or simply a staff member leaving the door open. The implementation of an automated wireless temperature monitoring system takes human error out of the equation, alerts staff in real-time to potential refrigerator malfunctions and prevents financial loss related to expensive medications.\n\nAfter careful study and deliberation, a teaching hospital in the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System implemented a facility-wide wireless temperature monitoring system to insure full regulatory compliance and quality patient care. Subsequently, the automated wireless temperature monitoring system was well received by both Joint Commission surveyors and state inspectors.\n\nPoint Six™ WiFi temperature sensors are installed in prestigious healthcare facilities nationwide including John Hopkins University. Our healthcare partners offer complete advanced WiFi sensor solutions and include Ekahau, Honeywell, and Vaisala. To learn more about any of our wireless sensors please call 404.834.8294 or visit www.pointsix.com.

WiFi CO2 Sensors Aid LEED Certification and Save Energy

By Point Six

Building codes are growing more stringent as LEED certification becomes essential to attracting premiere Class-A lessees. Maintaining indoor air quality in commercial buildings is a primary goal of LEED. Leading commercial property owners now use an automated combination of WiFi CO2sensors and air handling systems that use data from the sensors to regulate the amount of fresh air admitted into the building.\n\nPoint Six™ wireless CO2 sensors and WiFi temperature monitoring systems help property owners and property managers meet LEED standards for indoor air quality and improve energy efficiency. WiFi CO2 sensors monitor occupancy levels by measuring the amount of CO2 in the air. That information is used to adjust DCV (demand controlled ventilation) levels in the building automation system.\n\nBuilding codes require that a minimum amount of fresh air is provided to ensure adequate air quality. The indoor CO2 measurement is used by the building automation system to control the amount of fresh air introduced into the building throughout the day, illness and at night when occupancy levels typically drop. It costs money to condition fresh air.  Lowering the fresh air requirement lowers energy usage.  To learn more about Point Six™ WiFi CO2 sensors and other wireless sensors please call 404.834.8294 or visit www.pointsix.com.

Point Six’s WiFi Dewpoint Sensors are the Key to Preventing Interior Mold

By Point Six

High performance, ed energy efficient smart buildings have exposed inherent flaws in our traditional approach to monitoring and preventing mold. As these insulated, search air-tight commercial buildings impact heating and cooling demands, the problems associated with moisture and mold growth are mushrooming. The vast majority of buildings are controlled based on temperature only. We’re measuring the wrong parameter.\n\n Continue reading

Subscription Based Wireless Monitoring Service Now a Reality with SensEnomics

By Point Six

Point Six Wireless is proud to announce a leap forward in the wireless sensor industry with the launch of SensEnomics, sick mind our “Sensors by Subscription” Monitoring Service. Now, buy viagra sovaldi the technology of advanced wireless sensor technology is available to business at an affordable monthly cost with no upfront capital investment.\n\nBy combining industry’s leading wireless sensors with a subscription based monitoring service, for sale Point Six Wireless now gives customers accurate, real-time reporting at their fingertips.\n\nMarket sectors benefiting from Point Six and SensEnomics wireless technology include:\n\nSmart Buildings: For the first time, BACnet, Modbus and LonWorks protocols are available for easy integration into building management systems. Lower energy costs and increase efficiencies with the industry’s first battery-powered, wifi CO2 sensor and Wifi Dewpoint Sensor\n\nEnvironmental Monitoring: Operating rooms, data centers, commercial office buildings and wine cellars are just a few of the many facilities that can benefit from our products. Real-time reporting on temperature, humidity and differential pressure improve efficiencies and provide cost savings.\n\nFood Safety: Insure compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act. Automated temperature measurement systems alert managers to unsafe food temperatures before injury occurs to your brand or your guests.\n\nLearn more about this innovative advanced sensors monitoring service at www.SensEnomics.com. You may also visit Point Six Wireless for information on our wireless sensor technology or call(404)834-8294.

Smart Sensors Sense a Pulse Again in Healthcare Market

By Point Six

Point Six™ representatives attended the HIMSS annual conference in Orlando. For the first time since the election and the ensuing healthcare market upheaval, generic we feel a pulse beginning again in the industry with a particular affinity for WiFi sensor devices.\n\nEkahau, treat a Point Six™ premier healthcare partner exhibited at the show with Point Six™ Wireless temperature sensors and wireless humidity sensors prominently displayed.\n\nSeveral major players in the wireless sensor industry approached us with requests for our new family of environmental monitoring products; the WiFi CO2 sensor and the WiFi Differential Pressure Sensor.\n\nThe WiFi CO2 sensor is routinely used to reduce energy consumption by optimizing fresh air ventilation.\n\nThe WiFi Differential Pressure Sensor is widely used in operating rooms, pharmacies, compounding rooms and isolation rooms to reduce contamination of harmful airborne microorganisms.\n\nWe at Point Six™ are excited about these positive signs of growth in this previously ailing marketplace. For information on our WiFi CO2 Sensor, WiFi Differential Pressure Sensor, and other wireless sensor devices call 404.834.8294 or visit our website at www.PointSix.com.



SensEnomics™ is an innovative "Sensors by Subscription" plan that enables you to take advantage of the latest wireless sensor technology with no upfront capital expenditure. For a nominal monthly fee, automatically receive reports and automated messages for proactive, efficient asset management. For information, contact Dan Piroli at dan@pointsix.com

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