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FSMA. Learn The Rules.

By Kim Piroli

Each year, one of every six people in the United States suffers from foodborne illness – that’s 48 million people per year. Over 100,000 require hospitalization, and thousands actually die from foodborne illness. FSMA is the FDA legislative mandate that transforms the  food safety system from responding to outbreaks to a system that prevents outbreaks in the first place.  Food facilities (both animal and human) are now required to evaluate the hazards in their operations, implement and monitor prevention measures and have a corrective action plan in place.

Rule 1 

FDA inspections will hold the industry accountable and compliance is mandatory.  There are 7 FSMA rules.  Rule 1 requires each facility to have a PCQI (Preventative Controls Qualified Individual) create, implement and manage the facility’s Food Safety Plan. This individual must be available to the FDA within 24 hrs in the event of an inspection or other related food safety issue. Although a 3rd party may act as PCQI, it is highly recommended that at least one on site employee complete the FDA approved curriculum and receive the FSPCA Certificate of Training.

What do I do now?

Learn the rules. Get at least one employee certified. Point Six Wireless partner Waresys, offers training courses with FDA approved curriculum and certified trainers. Two courses are available; an awareness course to familiarize your employees with the Rules, and a PCQI training class to certify an employee as required in Rule 1.

The PCQI Training consists of 2.5 days, or 20 hrs and will cover the 7 FSMA Rules:

FSMA Basics

  • Background
  • Rules
  • Due Dates

Rule 1:  Preventative Control for Human Foods

Rule 2: Preventative Control for Animal Foods Overview

Rule 3: Foreign Supplier Verification Program

Rule 4: Third Party Auditor Accreditation Overview

Rule 5: Produce Safety Overview

Rule 6:  Sanitary Transportation

Rule 7: Food Defense

FSMA Recap

  • Rules
  • How to comply
  • How we can help

Prepare now for your FSMA compliance deadline. Learn more about FSMA training courses at www.waresys.net. Training courses begin in January and are offered in Las Vegas, Nashville and Los Angeles.

To learn more about Mesa Labs Point Six Wireless  temperature sensors and how they can help with your FSMA food safety compliance plan, call Mark Fauber at 404-834-8294 or email mfauber@mesalabs.com. Visit our website at www.Pointsix.com for additional information on our wireless technology for foodservice.



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