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High Five to Five Guys for Food Safety

By Kim Piroli

High Five to Five Guys for Food Safety

Food safety is a dominating topic in the news today with recurring incidents of E. coli outbreaks at Chipotle restaurants.  Customers across the country have fallen ill to this potentially deadly bacteria. Unfortunately, foodborne illness can be difficult to track. But each year, about 48 million of us, or one in every six people in the United States will fall ill from eating contaminated food.  Five Guys restaurants deserve no less than applause for taking major strides to protect its customers and lead the industry into the 21st century.

A key element for delivering safe food to customers is the cold chain temperature control process from transportation to storage and temperature controlled preparation of both hot and cold items.  A breach in temperature during any part of this process can result in dire health ramifications. Yet, despite the advancement of wireless temperature monitoring and recording sensors, the foodservice industry has been generally slow to adopt the technology, instead relying on antiquated paper and pencil processes highly prone to human error.

Five Guys, known for its Zagat rating for “Best Burger” is an industry leader in food safety and quality. The family owned and operated franchise restaurant group is deploying the state-of- the- art ComplianceMate System in all corporate and franchise stores across North America as a key component of its food safety compliance program.  ComplianceMate combines checklist completion, wireless temperature monitoring, and active responses to problems to meet HACCP guidelines.  Mesa Labs Point Sixwireless temperature sensors, are used exclusively by ComplianceMate for delivery of temperature data.  Data is transmitted via the cloud for real-time access by individual stores and  corporate management.  Five Guys customers can relax and enjoy their meal knowing food temperatures have been maintained at levels inhospitable to potentially harmful bacteria.

Thank you Five Guys!






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