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Point Six Wireless Launches CDC Compliant Temperature Sensor

By Kim Piroli

Point Six Wireless introduced their latest wireless temperature sensor at HIMSS 2018. A battery powered, WiFi enabled, multichannel temperature sensor with a display was well received at the show. Vizzia Technologies will be the first to deploy the temperature sensors as part of the CDC Vaccine for Children guidelines.

The Point Six Wireless temperature sensor meets and exceeds the newest recommendations set forth by the CDC for the Vaccine for Children program. Under the new requirements, all providers must use continuous temperature monitoring devices to monitor vaccines. This applies to routine onsite storage, transport of vaccine, and mass vaccination clinics.

Additional CDC requirements include the use of primary and back-up temperature sensors with a temperature probe, an active display that can be easily read from outside of the storage unit, and continuous temperature monitoring and recording with routine data download. The Point Six Wireless temperature sensor with display meets and exceeds CDC requirements. In addition to local visual and audible alarms, it supports -40°C, -80°C and -200°C temperature sensors.

To learn more about Point Six Wireless temperature sensors contact Mark Fauber at mfauber@mesalabs.com or call 404-834-8294.



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