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Point Six™ Wireless Offers AmegaView Users Life After “End of Life”

By Kim Piroli

On February 9th, AmegaView users were provided End of Life (EOL) notification for the AmegaView continuous monitoring system. The AmegaView monitoring system utilizes PointSix™ Wireless sensors under private label.

AmegaView users have the option of purchasing AmegaView compatible sensors directly from Point Six™ Wireless to extend the life and protect the investment in their current monitoring system.  Point Six™ hardware is validated as top-of-the-line and fully functional through factory acceptance testing (FAT) and strict quality control measures.

Through a partnership with SafePoint Scientific, installation, service and support is also available to current AmegaView users.  SafePoint Scientific leadership has over 15 years of proven experience in the installation and service of AmegaView monitoring solutions in pharmaceutical, biotech, IVF, hospitals and blood banking facilities.  SafePoint Scientific is fully trained in cGMP, cGLP and quality control practices to ensure customers remain compliant with regulatory standards.

Around the clock, around the world, Point Six™ Wireless sensors are monitoring critical assets and are sold under brand names such as Honeywell, Schneider Electric and AmegaView.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Point Six™ Wireless, LLC leads the industry with over 20 years of experience. Point Six provides a comprehensive selection of award winning wireless sensors spanning narrow band, 900 MHz, and WiFi platforms for worldwide usage. The company’s product portfolio includes wireless sensors to measure and record  temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure and energy usage.  Custom application solutions coupled with Point View™ monitoring and reporting software can handle the most demanding applications.

To learn more about AmegaView compatible sensors from Point Six™ Wireless call Dan Piroli at 404.834.8294 or email at dan@PointSix.com.







SensEnomics™ is an innovative "Sensors by Subscription" plan that enables you to take advantage of the latest wireless sensor technology with no upfront capital expenditure. For a nominal monthly fee, automatically receive reports and automated messages for proactive, efficient asset management. For information, contact Dan Piroli at dan@pointsix.com

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