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The New Parkland Hospital Bringing the Future to Medicine

By Kim Piroli

The 1950s era building that will forever be remembered as the scene of one of our nation’s most gripping historical memories will soon relinquish its patients and their caretakers. Scheduled for August 20th, a new Parkland, a $1.3B state of the art building, will open its doors to a new era of patient care.

Said to be the largest hospital under construction in the entire world, this mammoth 2.1million square foot building is even larger than the Dallas Bank of America building.

Nurses, patients, doctors and a myriad of other healthcare professionals will continue to interact at the very human level  they have for decades. The differences however will be striking; many not seen by the casual observer. The state of the art building will house advances in modern medicine and technology  that elevate the quality and safety of patient care.

Cutting edge Mesa Labs Point Six™ Wireless sensor technology will unite modern medicine with quality patient care; insuring  temperature sensitive medications, blood, and nutritional assets are safely stored and delivered according to JCAHO regulatory standards. This behind the scenes business of modern medicine is a part of the growing healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) that ensures patients receive safe, quality products while protecting the high financial value of these critical assets. It’s a win-win for the patient and the hospital.

Mesa Labs Point Six™ WiFi Differential Pressure Sensors create alerts when differential pressures in adjacent spaces such as OR’s and isolation rooms can cause invasion of airborne microbes into areas with immune sensitive patients.

Parkland’s LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council is a major achievement in both sustainability design that will touch many patients with natural healing light and gardens while conserving water and energy resources.

Mesa Labs and Point Six™ Wireless are proud to have high quality wireless sensors with our partners in thousands of high profile hospitals including Parkland and John Hopkins.  Mesa Labs is a leading provider of WiFi temperature sensors, WiFi differential pressure sensors and WiFi CO2 sensors used worldwide in hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories. To learn more about our wireless sensor capabilities visit Point Six™ Wireless or contact Mark Fauber at mfauber@mesalabs.com.



SensEnomics™ is an innovative "Sensors by Subscription" plan that enables you to take advantage of the latest wireless sensor technology with no upfront capital expenditure. For a nominal monthly fee, automatically receive reports and automated messages for proactive, efficient asset management. For information, contact Dan Piroli at dan@pointsix.com

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