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Cloud temperature monitoring

Point Six™ now offers a cloud based package of wireless temperature and humidity sensors combined with monitoring and reporting tools that protect your critical assets.

  • Straightforward and simple deployment by end-user
  • Data accessible from any internet enabled device including smartphone, iPad, PC or tablet

Uses for our Cloud Based Products are limited only by your imagination:

  • Vacation homes – Know and monitor temperature and humidity even when you're not there
  • Wine cellars – Insure your fine wines are stored in the proper conditions to prevent loss
  • Manufacturing facilities – Continuously monitor the environment for quality control
  • Humidors – Assurance that your fine tobacco products maintain optimal freshness
  • Commercial Property Management – provide comfortable environmental conditions and reduce energy costs

Contact Dan Piroli at 404.834.8294 or dan@Pointsix.com for additional information.

Targeted to businesses that want web access to their data, Point Six™ is proud to introduce our PointView®, cloud based, web services package. For as little as $1 per month, you can monitor your data, generate reports and get text alerts and alarms from any PC, tablet or smartphone that has internet access.

PointView Historian™ Enterprise package
Designed for customers who wish to host and maintain their own sensor data, PointView Historian™ is an SQL toolkit that enables organizations to receive sensor data directly into an SQL database. Advanced features enable the user to configure the sensors OTA (over-the-air) and extract log data in the event of a network outage. Features like alarm points, check in times and log intervals are all network accessible enabling you to change operating parameters based on the application.









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To order please email: dan@PointSix.com




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