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Around the clock, around the world, companies rely on Point Six™ technology to deliver reliable, actionable wireless data. In business over 14 years, with over 400,000 wireless sensors deployed, Point Six™ Wireless is the company that you can trust to deliver unique, high value wireless solutions to solve today's problems and anticipate tomorrow's challenges.

Our partners can choose the engagement model that best suits their business.

Private Labeled
Hundreds of products exist in the Point Six™ portfolios that are ready to be private labeled with your own artwork, name and part numbers. In fact, 99% of all Point Six™ products are shipped unlabeled or with a partner's label.

Chips and Subassemblies
For high volume opportunities, Point Six™ is pleased to offer both chips and subassemblies enabling our partners to manufacture, assemble and test the final product in their facility.

Custom Designed
Leveraging over 30 years in low power, microprocessor based RF and IR design experience, Point Six™ is the company that you can rely on for custom designed products. From initial concept to plastic tooling, our engineers collaborate with your team to determine the right technology and packaging for your application. We are a full-service organization with capabilities in circuit design, RF wireless design, hardware and firmware development, manufacturing, and logistics. Mark FauberDirector of Sales - Data Management Solutions: mfauber@mesalabs.com.

Wireless temperature sensorAspen Systems
Aspen Systems develops fully integrated software solutions exclusively for the food processing and distribution industry. Modules includes financials, sales, inventory, production, scaling, labeling, bar code scanning and much more. Learn more about Aspen Systems at www.aspen-systems.com

Wireless temperature sensorEkahau
Ekahau Inc. is the performance leader in providing Wi-Fi-based Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Ekahau RTLS includes Ekahau Vision™ and Ekahau RTLS Controller software as well as a broad selection of Wi-Fi-based smart tags which give staff and managers unprecedented visibility into the location, condition and status of assets, people and workflows. Thousands of Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, and other facilities rely on Ekahau's patented technology to reveal business intelligence that drives decision-making. Ekahau partners include leading wireless software developers, systems integrators, and WLAN providers. Learn more about Innovation Through Location at: www.ekahau.com

Wireless temperature sensorHoneywell
Honeywell is a Fortune 100 Company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world's toughest challenges linked to global macrotrends such as energy efficiency and clean energy generation. www.Honeywell.com

For over 8 years, Honeywell has deployed Point Six™ wireless sensors at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital to measure the temperature of all freezers, refrigerators and cryogenic chambers. The data is transmitted to the Honeywell EBI (Enterprise Building Integrator) for comprehensive reporting and alarming needed for JCAHO accreditation.

Honeywell has equipped the entire Coweta County School System, in metro Atlanta, with Point Six™ wireless sensors to monitor the temperature of all walk-in freezers and refrigerators to insure that the food is being stored according to established standards. The system is monitored 24x7 by the Honeywell GSRC (Global Service Response Center). The GSRC is notified immediately when a temperature is out of range at which time a phone call is placed to the responsible school personnel.

Wireless temperature sensorInternational Telematics
International Telematics is a privately owned full-service company that was founded in 2003 as an application developer and service provider of enterprise fleet management and messaging solutions.

With our customers showing an increasing interest in vehicle diagnostics, environmental management, driver behavior and remote telemetry, the development of a comprehensive vehicle telematics solution, designed to take advantage of the multiple data streams in modern vehicle, was the next evolutionary step.

From primary functions, as asset location monitoring, to superior features such as visibility of driver behavior, compliance assurance, asset security, operational performance measurement and environmental impact assessment, we have continually progressed our solution to put extraordinary value within our customers' reach.

Our product has matured beyond the essential telemetry features to a comprehensive telematic suite, that combines state-of-the-art, compact modular hardware, scalable secure software and an attractive and visually engaging user interface: the ibright® Solution. www.internationaltelematics.com

Scigiene provides instrumentation for temperature, humidity, hygiene, and other monitoring solutions for HACCP, 21 CFR Part 11, GMP and ISO9000 compliance. Our systems work with easy-to-use software packages to make data collection and management both simple, yet flexible enough for integration with existing and future systems.

Scigiene has been providing Point Six™ Wireless sensors to numerous food production/processing facilities as well as the pharmaceutical industry for over 12 years. The Point Six™ 418Mhz and 900Mhz sensors are used in conjunction with repeaters and the Point Manager to map any facility, no matter how large. Our proprietary software allows customers to have continuous real-time monitoring of their facilities (ie. fridges, freezers, warehouse, etc.). Data is stored in a secured database, is easily exported to Excel, and reports can be easily generated by the click of a button. Immediate notifications are sent to a smart phone/device of any deviation, allowing immediate corrective action. Technical support and training is provided with all systems. Learn more at www.scigiene.com/wireless-systems/promis-wireless.htm

Founded in 2002, SenSource provides environmental sensor solutions for worldwide industries, such as medical, food service and industrial applications. These proprietary solutions accurately monitor and analyze temperature and humidity to help our clients make better decisions. Decisions that improve efficiency, decrease costly downtime, and ultimately increase revenue. Learn more at www.sensourcewireless.com.

Wireless temperature sensorThermal Remediation
"A New Degree of Pest Control™"
"Building on over 45 years of heating structures, "Thermal Remediation" was developed in 1999 using heat as a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pest control applications. Today, Thermal Remediation equipment is used by pest control professionals, hotels, property managers, and food processing facilities throughout North America for the control of bed bugs and stored product pests." Learn more at www.ThermalRemediation.com.

Wireless temperature sensorComplianceMate is a hardware and software based technology company focused on management of Back of House ("BOH") solutions. Designed for food service operations, including restaurants, cafeterias, and food processing facilities which allows all levels of the operation to see real time that operating procedures and quality control standards are in compliance with HACCP and corporate guidelines. Partnering with Point Six™ Wireless has allowed ComplianceMate to overcome several technical obstacles found in a commercial environment combining state of the art radio and sensor technology to provide our customers reassurance that their equipment is being monitored and alerts are sent if business rules are broken. This type of technology has allowed ComplianceMate to "raise the food safety bar" to its customers so they can focus on serving quality and safe food to their customers. www.compliancemate.com.

Wireless temperature sensorVaisala
Vaisala serves customers in different environmental measurement and observation markets. Our global customer groups include meteorology, airports, roads and rail, defense, new weather markets, life science, and targeted industrial applications. Our customers are able to better understand and influence their environment and reduce uncertainty with well-informed decisions.

Vaisala's comprehensive offering ranges from small industrial probes to comprehensive weather observation solutions such as surface weather networks and airport weather observation systems. Our customer base covers over 150 countries. Geographically the markets are divided into three regions: Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Americas, and Asia Pacific (APAC). www.vaisala.com






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"Ekahau is proud to help Fred Hutchinson monitor and manage their environmentally sensitive and priceless cancer research samples," said Mark Norris, President and CEO of Ekahau.




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